For my next player, I talked to Marco Conti, offensive guard, with one of my favorite responses so far. The first thing I have been interested in from these guys, as mentioned in a previous week, is how they got started, but my close second favorite is to know their favorite players, if they have any. I find it fascinating to know which players catch people’s attention, other than the obvious ones, especially in a different country where the media might have less influence in who gets notoriety. For Marco, one of his favorite players mentioned is Joe Thomas, former Cleveland Browns offensive tackle who never missed a snap in his 13 seasons. In our brief exchange, I told Marco how happy it made me to hear the underrated legend in Cleveland has a fan overseas, to which he replied with his wish to see him in a golden jacket in Canton being inducted in the Football Hall of Fame once he’s eligible. Take a look at what keeps Marco coming back to play the great game of football and who his other favorite players are in this week’s Q&A with G. 

What got you started in playing football? 
I started playing American football thanks to Andrea “Super” Benoni (a former Guelfi legend) who invited me to a practice,and it all began there. One of my first memories is the first practice in 2007, the first meeting with my teammates of the junior team in the locker room (actually a container), the fog on the field like “Silent Hill”, the struggle to understand the rules…etc. 

Did you play any other sports growing up?
I played soccer since 6 old

What is your favorite part about playing American football?
My favorite thing about football is the perception of family since the first moment that you step in the locker room, the very strict relationship that you have with your teammates.

Do you have a favorite NFL team or players, and if so, why?
I’m a huge fun of the Baltimore Ravens. My favorite players are Marshall Yanda, Joe Thomas and Ray Lewis. The first two because they are two GOATS at OL and Ray Lewis because of his ability to make plays in the needed times.

Do you have any pregame rituals?
My only rituals were to sit in the same place in the bus and in the locker room. And I used to wear an old Guelfi shirt under my shoulder pads.